COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Brings Opportunity for Change in Perspectives and Attitudes About Unemployment

The number of initial COVID-19 Coronavirus unemployment benefit insurance claims resulting from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic decreased from 6.6 million the previous week to 5.2 million for traditional (and eligible) American workers last week, according to U. S. Department of Labor (DOL) data.

However, DOL data shows that, altogether over the last four weeks, nearly 22 million people filed first-time jobless claims, and what’s worse? Economists expect a continual increase in this weekly count—for months to come.

Nearly three weeks ago, President Donald Trump signed Congress’ enacted Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act—also known as the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package—to support individual aid and boost consumer spending. This piece of legislation will, according to DOL Secretary Eugene Scalia in a press release, provide “hundreds of dollars in unprecedented funding for traditional unemployment insurance and pandemic unemployment assistance, and one-time cash payments of $1,200 or more to Americans making $75,000 or less ($150,000 for those who are married).”

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Is Being Unemployed Ruining You?

When you have a desire to work but can’t find a job, unemployment can especially be hard.

But, it’s important to control your response to this challenging situation. Being unemployed, for an extended period, can result in bitterness or brokenness, if you’re not careful.

I recently read a blog post, published on LinkedIn, entitled, Why Being Unemployed Ruins You and How to Stop It. The writer references the results of a personality study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, which found: long bouts of unemployment can change personalities. These changes can, in turn, make the job hunt harder, according to many, so the piece includes a few tips for “the retaining of core traits” while transitioning.

The title, though, stayed on mind.

“Why Being Unemployed Ruins You . . .”

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job search frustration

Job Search Frustration: Causes, Responses, and Management

You’re frustrated.

You explore and research companies of interest, apply for targeted job positions, follow-up on submitted resumes and employment applications, interview for these positions when called, follow-up post interview, and do it all again (with continual learning and improvement)—hoping to land a job offer.

Despite your best efforts, however, you usually receive one of two responses from prospective employers: a rejection letter or the silent treatment.

And, you’re struggling to hold on to your faith and uplift your spirit. You’re struggling to maintain your motivation. You’re struggling to keep up your enthusiasm.

This is normal.

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new year reflections while unemployed

2018 New Year Reflections and Considerations, In Case You Missed Them

Happy New Year!

I gathered tidbits—from articles I’ve written—I thought would be helpful when looking back on 2017 and looking forward to the New Year. And, during the past week, I shared them on the now-defunct Serenity Amidst Frustration Facebook page.

We’re now in the second week of 2018, but I’m posting them here, in case you missed them. Following are the tips I shared.

new year reflections while unemployed
2018 New Year Reflections and Considerations, In Case You Missed Them.
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Robert Tudor. Edited by Priscilla.

Monday’s Tidbit and Explanation.

It’s easy to focus on your struggle to find a job—and forget what you’ve done in the past. But I encourage you to:

“Take time regularly and do the following: remind yourself about your accomplishments. Think about the compliments you received in previous roles and jobs. Think about the people you’ve helped along the way.”

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Hurtful Comments During Unemployment

A few days ago, I read a blog post on job hunting, written specifically for ‘unemployed job seekers.’ What I found most problematic about it was: its unsolicited advice and argument—out of work persons shouldn’t stop looking for jobs for anything, including the holiday season.

Certainly, nothing’s wrong with the blogger/writer/”expert” advising her readers to continue their job searches during the holidays. But, something about this piece of content screamed insensitivity. Insensitivity toward the plight of those who are actively unemployed. Insensitivity toward the humanity of adult persons who are going through unemployment, despite their desires to work. Insensitivity I’m all too familiar with from my own experiences. Insensitivity I’ve gotten better at mentally handling but still find disturbing.

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