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Searching for Work: Education And Skills Available


So, you’ve been trying to land a job but haven’t been successful, right?

Me too.

I’m among the ranks of the long-term unemployed as I haven’t been able to get a job offer post serving as an Elderly (Senior) Caregiver.

I wish I could explain why I’ve been so unsuccessful.

I haven’t engaged in mass applying (i.e., applying to any and every job without customizing my application materials before submission). For every job I apply for, I target my materials because I want potential employers to see I meet their requirements.

Additionally, prior to job interviews, I research and prepare. Research and prepare again.

But, I have yet to secure a job offer. I’m still embarked on a prolonged job search – filled with rejection after rejection.

You can see more about my process of finding a job while unemployed below. Feel free to tell me about yours by leaving a comment.

Job Search
Searching For Work
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Education and Skills

My professional background includes extensive experience in Senior Care and administrative/clerical support. Because of my experiences, I know how to manage the life of another efficiently just as well as I know how to manage an office efficiently.

In terms of education, I hold a Master of Public Administration degree (MPA) and additional undergraduate degrees. What can I say? I love learning!

Academically, I strengthened many important skills: analytical, critical thinking, interpersonal, research, and oral and written communication. So, upon graduating from college, I considered myself ready to secure a job.

Degreed and Skilled but No Job

I had everything I needed for success. Right?

No. It didn’t work out like that.

Job searching after college was another ballgame in itself. Please believe me when I say job searching is hard work.

After a few months of trying to get a job in my field as a new grad, I accepted the role of Caregiver for an elderly person in need.

Side Tracking Moment: Somewhere along the way, many promoted this idea: a combination of hard work and education lead to a successful career; I was familiar with this message but didn’t give it much thought throughout college.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT advocating against a college education.

On the contrary, I am an advocate for education and am grateful for my academic accomplishments to date.

However, I think one should attend for personal development and growth in several areas: emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, and physical – informed you may not secure a job immediately upon graduation.

Back On Track: Then, I met unemployment again – for longer than I could have ever imagined.

After personally serving as a Senior (Elderly) Caregiver for 6 years, I joined the ranks of the unemployed at the end of 2012 upon the senior’s death.

Initially though, I didn’t fret. I didn’t think I’d be out of work for so long.

In this role, I strengthened so many skills developed in college and relevant to the workforce, such as multi-tasking, time-management, adaptability, communication, interpersonal, organizational, and money management, to name a few. I also polished my soft skills.

Because of these skills, a strong work ethic, and education, I saw myself as a great employee for some potential employer. I knew someone would see my potential, so I was seriously on it with the job search. Do you know what I mean?

But, so far, no one has seen potential. I remain in the land of joblessness – although I thought I did everything “right.”

If an education and hard work lead to a good job (or any job for that matter), why am I unemployed?

Something is missing.

With the frustration of a prolonged job search, however, I often wondered: why haven’t I secured a job yet?

Did I not do something “right?” Where have I gone wrong in job interviews?

Searching for Work

searching for work; looking for a job; long-term unemployed; educated, skilled, and no job; 30 something and looking for work
Searching for Work: Education and Skills Available
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In terms of looking for work, I tried everything I can in my position as a job seeker – all to no avail at the moment.

I prowl job boards and company websites for job leads. I read books and websites relating to job hunting and job searching.

I followed the suggestions of “networking” and “cold calling”. I also followed the suggestions of seeking career advice from professionals in my field to which I received great advice.

I’ve also submitted countless applications, cover letters, and resumes to potential employers. Though I’ve had employment interviews, I have no job offer right now to show for it.

I’ve put so much energy into getting a paid job. Instead, I’ve received rejection after rejection.

So as months passed by with little job hunting success, I went from the ranking of unemployed to long-term unemployed in no time. Who would have thought I’d be a job seeker for so long?

I definitely didn’t.

And, I’ve burned myself out looking for a job; I’ve been trying too hard.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Looking for work with full-time pressure and consistent rejection caused this burnout, so I created a balance in my life.

Now Opened to Exploring ALL Opportunities in Job Search

Although set on a certain career path, I’ve recently opened myself up to alternative options.

I now maintain an open mind when it comes to opportunities. I don’t know which direction the right job opportunity will come from, so why not remain flexible?

Am I saying I’ve given up on the career of my choice? No, I am still interested in the field and stay up-to-date in it.

But, I’ve realized how much I’ve limited myself by not being flexible enough to explore opportunities outside my field of study. I’m now opened to researching and exploring every opportunity.

So as I continue to search for paid employment, I’ll also maintain this blog as a source of encouragement and information for others in similar situations.

If you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about me and Serenity Amidst Frustration, you can check out my About Me page.

From Me to You: Something I’ve realized: Unemployment is a good time to seek God’s guidance for your career path if you haven’t already been doing so.

P. S. Do you have any advice or thoughts? Please share!


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