Unemployed Job Seekers: Pressure Off, You On

Totally Exhausted

Because of our current out of work status, today, we’ve devoted a lot of our time doing something related to seeking employment opportunities. As my fellow long-term unemployed job seekers, you know the drill. Right?

Resumes and Resume Revisions. Cover Letters and Cover Letter Rewriting. Research. E-mail Checks. Potential Networking Contacts. And so on.

When we’re not engaged in job searching activities, we feel bad because we’ve made finding a job THE top priority in our lives.

Unemployed; Job Seekers; Self Care and the Job Search; Taking Care of Yourself While Job Hunting
Unemployed Job Seekers: Pressure Off, You On
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You’re aware of the idea it’s an employers’ market these days, and we must focus on them – presenting ourselves as assets. Regularly, we’re told to “sell ourselves”, we’re told to “market ourselves as a product”, and we’re told to prove our worthiness to be hired on and invested in – even if it is only temporarily.

We constantly receive information informing us of our responsibility of doing everything possible to position ourselves for a job offer.

We’re constantly told about the importance of employers and their preferences.

Letting Go Daily

Here’s something worth pondering today, however: You’re important too regardless of your state of joblessness and must take care of yourself.

If you don’t take care of yourself throughout this difficult time, how can you see it through? Please think about this.

I’ve recently learned this myself, and it’s important.

Side Tracking Moment:  Upon writing this, I thought about Kathryn Stockett’s movie, The Help. Have you seen it?

In it, one of the characters, Aibileen, tells the child she cares for, Mae, “You is kind, You is Smart, You is Important.” Although these words were referenced to a child in the movie, they’re applicable to us during this time in which we are faced with a demoralizing job search process.

Back on Track: A lot of our time and energy is spent looking for work. I must emphasize a lot.

Therefore, we must turn off the pressure of the job search and refresh ourselves daily. I know what you might be thinking: in such a situation as unemployment, how can I do this?

One of the ways I’ve turned off the pressure by letting go of the things I can’t control in my search. In other words, I’ve learned (and still continue to learn as it is a day by day thing) to let go of the frustrations associated with my job hunting process – though not always easy.

So, maybe today, you can start with this. Why not give it a try?

The Serenity Prayer's Application to the Job Search Flickr Creative Commons Photo Courtesy of Violette79: https://www.flickr.com/photos/violettalough/5858264735
The Serenity Prayer’s Application to the Job Search
Flickr Creative Commons Photo Courtesy of Violette79: https://www.flickr.com/photos/violettalough/5858264735

Are you familiar with the Serenity Prayer? (Please refer to the picture above for its wording if you’re not familiar with it). I’ve applied it to my job search.

It applies here too! Upon applying this wisdom to my search, I am less distracted by the things I can’t control.

How often do we let the voice of discouragement speak to us as truth in this process? This voice spoke to me often and filled me with thoughts such as, Why apply when you won’t hear back from them?; and Ok, I’ve applied, but will I really hear back for an interview?

I cannot forget this one: I’ve been rejected again; I knew I shouldn’t have applied. How familiar are you with these thoughts?

We shouldn’t listen to this voice.

Why? Because we have no control over those things.

For too long, I dwelled on these things, and it was NOT beneficial to me. I now realize these things are OUT OF MY CONTROL, and counter productivity is the result of placing too much of my time and energy on them.

So, as a job seeker, the following things are OUT OF MY CONTROL (I can’t change):

  1. Response times to applications, resumes, and cover letters, if any ;
  2. My employment experiences to date;
  3. My small city location at this point; and
  4. Rejections

On the other hand, things within my AREA OF CONTROL as a job seeker (I can change) include:

  1. Seeking employment opportunities and application submissions;
  2. Resume and cover letter updates, revisions, and redos;
  3. Interview improvements where possible; and most importantly,
  4. My a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e and positivity.

I’ve learned to do what I can as a job seeker, which allows me to take care of myself – emotionally and mentally.

Take Care of Yourself

Finding a job is important to you but should not take precedence over your well-being. THE top priority here is realizing your importance and taking care of yourself during the job hunt. Please turn the pressure off and take care of yourself throughout this time.

Think: Pressure Off. You On.

Moving forward, I continue to focus on the things within my area of control. I suggest you do the same.

By letting go of the job search frustrations daily, we rid ourselves of resulting negativity and free up energy needed to keep going.

From Me to You: This is a challenging time, but we must persevere by faith!

What has been a job search lesson for you? Is there anything else you would like to add in terms of self-care during the job search?

Please share by commenting below!


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