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One of those “Blue” Days: Fighting Discouragement

Mindset Distress

Discouragement; Adversity; Faith
Fighting Discouragement
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Whenever we hit a rough patch in this life, discouragement comes speaking. It’s not hard to recognize it either.

At the moment of recognition, we must fight it. If we do otherwise, we risk a sense of defeat – instantly turning our day “blue.”

Today has been one of those discouraging (“blue”) days for me. I didn’t awake this way. I woke up thankful and ready to go about my day.

You might be wondering, “What happened, then?” I’ll fill you in. 

If you’ve been reading my posts (I thank you!), you know I am unemployed. Long-term unemployment is my uncomfortable reality right now and has been a challenge for me.

In addition to the challenge of unemployment, I am challenged by the job search as well.

And, when I began the completion of my job search activities for the day, my mood changed. While scouting job opportunities, several thoughts passed through my mind.

For starters, I didn’t think it would take so long to secure a job. I thought I prepared myself to succeed in the workforce by: 1) furthering my education, 2) developing and strengthening skills, and 3) obtaining some experience. These qualifications alone didn’t lead to workforce success in the way of my expectation.

This got to me. I felt overwhelmed by the job search.

Then, the voice of discouragement attacked mentally, and the following thoughts crept in:

  • Will I ever secure a job offer?
  • When will I experience a stable income?
  • Am I possibly unemployable?
  • What am I going to do?

I’ve been doing everything possible as a job seeker, but I haven’t gotten the desired result, which is a job offer. I’ve received rejection after rejection. You may know from experience how hard it is to keep it moving from anything after being hit with constant rejection.

Over time, however, for my sake, I learned to fight back at the onset of these attacks. I know I have much to be grateful for – whether employed or not.

However, today, for some reason, I entertained these thoughts. I allowed them to zap my energy for a little while.

I didn’t fight back with truth immediately as I should have. And guess what? The frustration was unbearable. I just felt down and found myself wondering: when will I be allowed to move from this wait scene of my life to the next?

Mindset Reset

Mindset; Discouragement; Adversity; Faith
When Mentally Distressed, You Should Mentally Reset.

Some time passed, and I knew I had to get it together. I had to fight against the discouragement as it was a waste of my energy. I couldn’t continue to entertain these thoughts as this feeling was getting me nowhere.

I did something quick to get back on track. What did I do? I shifted back to the right mindset. For each one of these discouraging thoughts, I counteracted with the Word of Truth.

Additionally, I reminded myself I cannot lose hope. This is temporary, so I must keep going. I’ve come too far.

I must remain patient, keep doing my part, and trust God because he can handle it. With him, I’ll overcome this hardship – and this fact brings me peace.

This, my lovely reader, helped me to mentally get back on track today. I hope it’ll do the same for you.

From Me to You: When discouraging thoughts pass through our minds, we have the ability to fight and must do so. Don’t give up!

Have you experienced frustration that turned your day “blue” recently? I would love to hear about it.


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