Beyond Unemployment: An Inspirational Story For You

According to the Department of Labor’s September jobs report, the national unemployment rate has gone down to less than 6% – its lowest number in a while (in over 6 years to be exact.) To some, this is good news from an economic standpoint.

Seeking an Employment Opportunity

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Beyond Unemployment: An Inspirational Story for You
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However, despite this reported drop, I wonder about the true change in the job growth and recovery situation. There are still many unemployed people seeking employment opportunities – some kind of employment – in this dreadful economy’s labor market – to no avail at this point.

The job market structure has changed, and finding a job is no easy task.

Creating Your Own Opportunity

For this reason, it’s not surprising to see an unemployed person transition to entrepreneurship.

While doing some reading, I stumbled upon an unemployment success story on Black Enterprise and want to share it with you for inspiration!

While many continue to navigate through a frustrating job search process, others embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. For many, entrepreneurship is a long-term interest opportunity initially pushed aside for various reasons.

In Black Enterprise’s article, Sequin City Founder Tells Story of Triumph Over Unemployment by Richard Spiropoulos, Raymond Hill’s unemployment transition period lead to entrepreneurship. He created a sequin fabrics manufacturing business in New Jersey called Sequin City.

I love his response to his unemployment situation looking back on it now. He said the following:

“In hindsight it was the best thing that happened because it forced me to do what I had been thinking about all along – and that was start my own business.”

You can read more about Mr. Hill’s story – linked above – on Black Enterprise.

Upon reading his story, I am inspired. Had he not experienced unemployment, he wouldn’t have experienced the success he has as an entrepreneur.

From Unemployment to Entrepreneurship; Inspiration; Unemployment Success Story
Beyond Unemployment: An Inspirational Story For You
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Important Lessons from this Unemployed to Entrepreneur Story

Initially, during the beginning of my unemployment (or career transition) period, I felt I should have been well into my career as I am in my 30s.

However, as time passed on, I realized the importance of embracing this period, seeing it as an opportunity to grow, and considering alternatives in my work search.

This is what inspires me about his story. Mr. Hill tried something different and succeeded.

Now, some of you may not be interested in entrepreneurship. Still, there’s inspiration from this story for you too!

Major takeaways from his story include:

  • His life circumstances changed, but he didn’t give up. He used it as an opportunity to do something he always wanted to do. He didn’t lose hope.
  • To you, like him, don’t lose hope. Don’t give up.
  • He didn’t lose confidence in his skills and abilities. He knew what he could do and was determined to do it – even when it meant creating his own opportunity.
  • So, in your case, don’t lose sight of your above average skills and capabilities as an unemployed. Continue to believe in yourself and your value. Keep seeking an opportunity because there is one out there for you.
  • In his case, he struggled upon first embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. It wasn’t easy, but he didn’t give up.
  • In your case, you’ve tried for so long to secure a job offer, but it hasn’t come through yet. Trust God. Don’t stop until you get it.

From Me to You: Positive endings to unemployment stories – whether through hiring or entrepreneurship – are inspiring. You must keep moving forward believing your success story is coming too!

Have you considered entrepreneurship? Do you know of any other unemployment success stories to share for inspiration? I would love to hear (read) about them in the comment section.


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