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3 Timeless Truths to Remember During Hard Times

Sufferings and difficulties are everywhere. Many people are personally experiencing tough times in this life.

Are you one of many? Are you experiencing one of the following challenges and hardships: unemployment, underemployment, grief, debt, sickness, or failed expectations? Any other crisis situation? 

If so and you’re similar to me, you don’t go around yelling to the world – every chance you get – about your difficulty. However, we know hardship situations are painful and are no easy processes to manage.

Faced with the Hardships of Life…

When faced with tough times, the smallest things trigger our frustration, discouragement, and self-doubt. As such, it’s easy to get caught up in these feelings and – even – easier to just give up.

Side Tracking Moment : We’re living in times in which people:

  • Don’t care about assisting those experiencing a rough patch, such as long-term unemployment, in their lives;
  • Don’t care to treat patient sicknesses regardless of race and income levels.

Additionally, we’re living in times where:

  • People needing the most help, poor people, get the “short end of the stick.”
  • People struggle to provide their basic necessities – resorting to the use of credit cards and loans to make ends meet (and the debt that they bring to get by) – and no one cares about helping them.

To sum it up, we’re living in times in which there is very little compassion for the poor and needy.

What I’m saying is this: when we experience rough times in life, we’re filled with compassion and empathy for others we may have never felt otherwise.

Back on Track: Sometimes, these life challenges slap us so hard in the face our mourning brings about several thoughts, such as: “our lives were not supposed to turn out this way. When will these times pass?”

Instead of embracing the season we’re in, we get tired, anxious, and frustrated by it all. We look everywhere for an escape – or way out.

However, we shouldn’t seek to escape. We shouldn’t give into these feelings.

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Three Timeless Truths to Remember During Hard Times

Three Truths to Remember When Times are Tough

We weren’t promised an easy life here. We’ll all experience tough times in life.

These transitions in life are uncomfortable. But, we must endure.

While pressing through such a time in my life, I learned to accept and hold on to three important truths.

First Truth: You will experience change in this life.

Circumstances change. Seasons change. Plans change.

And, would you like to know something? We must be flexible to change in our lives.

A lot of times we make plans for our lives, but these plans don’t happen in the ways in which we want or expect them to.

For me, years ago, I planned to graduate from college and land a decent job in my field of study. That didn’t happen. Instead, I served for years as an Elderly (Senior) Caregiver.

Post serving in this role, I have been one of the long-term unemployed on the search for paid work.

Oh, what a change unemployment has been for me! On the flip side, though, nothing brings this truth to life better than unemployment.

Second Truth: You are blessed and should be grateful.

Our response to life’s difficulties is important, and it pays to maintain “an attitude of gratitude.”

We have life, health, strength, movement, family, shelter, and food among other things. In other words, many of us have our basic necessities and more. So, we should focus on these positives daily and be grateful.

We shouldn’t be selfish when there are people in the world wishing for the things we have – even in our hard times.

(Side Note: Knowing this doesn’t make our situations any less painful to handle. However, it fosters a thankful heart and positive attitude. We focus more on the positive than the negative in our lives.)

Third Truth: You must keep moving forward.

I cannot say this enough – even to myself. Don’t become paralyzed and give up.

Though exhausted, frustrated, and discouraged, you cannot quit. Keep going.

In the words of Winston Churchill,

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never, – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in…”

So, as you move forward, please hold on to these truths. Let them motivate you.

From Me to You:  Hope is alive! Face your hardship and preserve by faith. And, always remember this: God’s timing is better.

What truths do you hold on to when times are tough? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


7 thoughts on “3 Timeless Truths to Remember During Hard Times

  1. You are most definitely an encourager, and I am so glad to know that I encouraged you.

    Yes, you are right. Unemployment truly has been a challenge for me, but I am thankful to God for the humbling experience.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! I appreciate your encouraging comment.


  2. I enjoyed reading this and yes, you are correct, as all circumstances will change, the seasons continue to change and times change. We have to be willing to change and know that we have an anchor.

    Unemployment is one of the most humbling experiences that one can go through in life. Honestly, I know a few people who do not have this story to tell. Truth is, they simply cannot handle it and it was/is not for them.

    Thanks for sharing this to encourage this encourager!



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