Unemployed and Discouraged Job Seekers

Unemployed and Discouraged Job Seekers

Many media sources today choose to focus their attention on job seekers no longer looking for a job.

For example, this past week, rt.com published an article titled, Unemployed Americans Increasingly Abandoning Job Search, which focuses on the issue of people no longer job searching in this market.

You can read more of this rt.com article by clicking here.

Unemployed; Discouraged; Job Seeker; Job Search; Job Hunt
Unemployed and Discouraged Job Seekers
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Truly Want Employment

What should be given equal, if not more importance, is the reasoning behind their choosing to no longer seek employment. Why are many choosing to leave the job hunt?

According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics October 2014 Employment Situation News Release, 770,000 “discouraged workers” lost all hope of securing a job – believing there are no jobs for them.

Why, though? Why have so many people put a halt to their job search activities? Why have so many people – wanting jobs – stopped looking for employment?

As a fellow prolonged job seeker, I have an idea of the reasoning behind their decisions to leave the job hunt.

Let’s consider something first.

If you have not been a job seeker, especially in this tough job market, you don’t understand the frustrations associated with job searching.

Unable to Secure Employment and Frustrated

So, as someone with an understanding of job search frustrations, I’m able to answer this question: “Why have so many people stopped looking for work?”

Well, in addition to the length of job searching nowadays, job seekers face roadblocks – such as hiring biases – which lead to discouragement.

Many times, we allow these things to affect us personally. We experience self-doubt and question ourselves and abilities – and, in some cases, ultimately give up.

Competition for jobs is tough as there are many applicants in this job market.

In her recent Economic Policy Institute article, Job Seekers Ratio Holds Steady at 2-To-1, Elise Gould states the following:

“…the total number of job openings in September was 4.7 million, down 118,000 since August. Meanwhile, there were 9.3 million job seekers (unemployment data from the Census’s Current Population Survey), meaning that there were 2.0 times as many job seekers as job openings in September.”

You can read more of her article on the Economic Policy Institute website by clicking here.

Aware of more job seekers than job openings, many job seekers lose any hope of securing employment.

Shattered and frustrated by it all, people become tired and downed – letting go of the job search altogether. They feel they’re getting nowhere in any of their efforts.

Therefore, I think more attention should be given to the reasons why people are “leaving the job search” and the ways in which things can be improved in the labor force as opposed to a sole focus on people leaving their job hunt.

Courage to Keep Moving Forward

Unemployed; Discouraged; Job Seekers; Courage
Unemployed and Discouraged Job Seekers
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Here’s a word to my fellow unemployed job seekers:

From Me to You: In your situation, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged.

However, I encourage you to persevere and want to share a few things with you.

  1. If you have given up, it’s not too late to get back on it. Focus on your accomplishments. Never lose sight of your skills and abilities. Consider ALL possibilities in your search for work.
  1. Don’t give up. Learn, Grow, and Improve Yourself. Keep moving forward. Pray and Trust. Push through.
  1. Job searching is exhausting. If you need a break from your job search efforts, take the break you need. And, whatever you don’t make your job search full-time. Your well-being is important.
  1. Remember to fight against the voices of discouragement and self-doubt at the onset. You know, like I know, they will come.
  1. Times and circumstances change. Keep the faith.
  1. Begrateful. Despite what you are going through, choose and maintain an “attitude of gratitude” for all God does for you.

Move forward with courage! One day at a time.

Also, I just stumbled upon two other resources you might be interested in as it relates to positivity during the job search. Check them out below:

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If you have advice and/or know of any additional resources relating to positivity and the job search, share below.


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