insensitive comments; long-term unemployed; long-term unemployment; dealing with a rude person's comment; faith; relationship with God; handling criticism

Thoughts: One of the Most Insensitive Comments to Another’s Challenge

insensitive comments; long-term unemployed; long-term unemployment; dealing with a rude person's comment; faith; relationship with God; handling criticism
Thoughts: One of the Most Insensitive Comments to Another’s Challenge
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After about 1 year of unemployment and a number of unsuccessful interviews – as they didn’t lead to job offers – I received a comment. This comment totally “threw me for a loop.”

I’d attended an interview a couple of weeks earlier. Upon following up, I learned someone else with more experience had gotten the job despite this stated fact: “I had positively impressed them with my professionalism.”

This was yet another job offer I didn’t receive.

The Insensitive Comment

As I’d been unable to successfully secure a job offer – for a significant amount of time – the comment was (although not as blunt):

“Ok. You have another failed interview? Something is wrong here.”

The words following the above words informed me this person wasn’t speaking about something in the natural sense.

These words repeated themselves a few times in my mind. I found my mind racing with thoughts like: “Did I just get this type of response – especially at a time like this.”

Have you ever experienced something like this?

You see many people believe something is wrong if you aren’t blessed according to their views of blessed.

Side Tracking Moment : As I moved quickly from unemployment to long-term unemployment – early on, I certainly wondered: “Why am I still in this situation, and when will something pan out for me?”

Back on Track: I’ll let you know this was about the time I actually started putting into practice the concept of fighting back against the voices of self-doubt and discouragement.

Ignore or Respond to the Comment

Then, here comes this type of response.

Now, I have no problem with truth. I have no problem with constructive criticism. I absolutely evaluated these words as they repeated themselves in my mind.

Please believe this: Had these words been expressed from a different place, I would have received them well. Something about them didn’t sit right with me.

ignoring criticism; responding to criticism; handling criticism; handling insensitive comments from others; hard times.
Ignore or Respond to the Insensitive Comment

As I lingered in frustration, I had two choices:

  • Brush It Off


  • Respond To It

What choice did I make?

I brushed it off. Why? I understand the importance of choosing battles wisely and know sometimes you must keep it moving.

I kept it moving because I knew better.

You see no human fully knows the depth of my life. No human knows my heart like God does. Therefore, I had no reason to respond to it.

Had I responded, this person still wouldn’t have understood because no other human can see my life like I can.


I do believe, however, any time something goes wrong in our lives we should self-reflect, naturally and spiritually.

So, this time has been a great period of reflection, life changing lessons, and growth for me. And, I’ve benefitted from a sharpened perspective on life.

What this person doesn’t know, for instance, is I held the area of career too close to my heart. However, now, I fully understand my security and identity don’t come from a career but Jesus Christ alone.

While this person delights in materialistic blessings, in the midst of my circumstances, I’ve been given the opportunity to delight in non-materialistic blessings.

And, my faith deepened to one not dependant on temporary things.

Summarization for You

So, in case you’re dealing with an insensitive comment during your difficulty, I’ll summarize 3 things for you:

  1. While going through difficulties, it’s hard to see things in your life objectively, but proper perspective is important. We must align with the truth – at all times. Remember you see what others can’t in your life.
  1. Realize self-reflection, both naturally and spiritually, is important during hard times. Evaluate these types of responses. But, please don’t allow the words of others to distract you. Know when to brush off insensitivity and when to respond.
  1. Upon discerning whether to respond and/or take action, keep it moving with trust.

From Me to You: Nothing’s wrong with self-reflection for truth in these types of comments. But, please don’t absorb it, if you find nothing but negativity. Crush it with truth and move onward instead.

P. S. Have you ever experienced insensitive comments from someone while you’re unemployed? Did you respond or kept it moving? Please share with me here.


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  1. Hi Ashley!

    You are so right.

    You have no idea how much I appreciate your encouraging words!

    Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, and commenting. God Bless You!


  2. Priscilla, this post is awesome!!! Your open bravery to share your experiences while being unemployed, will bring upon that “ah-ha” that your calling is beyond your current forward thoughts!

    Your writing style is unique and beautiful and I look forward to reading more! God bless you!


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