Job Searching; Job Hunting; Holiday Stress; Tips for Your Holiday Job Search Stress

Job Searching? Rest Over Stress This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here – tomorrow, in fact, is Christmas. You know what this means. Right?

We’re in the month of December.

A Year of Job Searching

Job Searching; Job Hunting; Holiday Stress; Tips for Your Holiday Job Search Stress
Job Searching? Rest Over Stress This Holiday Season

You know hiring processes usually slow down in December. So, the possibility of securing a job offer around this time of the year is zero to none. (You see what I did there?!)

Yet, you’ve gotten through this year’s job search.

You’ve diligently sought employment opportunities. You’ve been courageous in doing what you can to become employed again.

Still, you’ve gotten nothing but consistent rejections and silence from employers this year, and you might be thinking: “it is hard to be upbeat this holiday season because I just can’t seem to get a job and need one.”

Will You Choose Rest Or Stress This Holiday Season?

You don’t need any “shame in your game” or a spiral of constant self-doubt this holiday season.

Although you received no job offer(s) this year and remain amongst the ranks of the unemployed, you should rest in your efforts.

You tried, so I say don’t stress. Don’t allow yourself to be frustrated during the holidays.

The choice is yours, but I suggest you rest, control your emotions, and live your life this season although you’re experiencing a difficult time!

Job Searching; Job Hunting; Holiday Stress; Tips for Your Job Search Holiday Stress
Job Searching? Rest Over Stress This Holiday Season
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What is your choice?

Will you choose rest for the holidays?

If you choose rest over stress, I am happy for you as I chose the same.

3 Tips to Consider During Your Holiday Rest

I have 3 tips for you to ponder while resting.

1.) Don’t Lose Hope: I say this so much here on the blog because it’s important to your circumstances.

You are stressed, tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed by it all.

I personally understand these emotions, but you must control them versus allowing them to control you. Please believe things will get better for you.

Here’s something I learned: you control your attitude in difficulty, and it matters.

You can choose a negative reaction or a positive reaction to your challenges.

I suggest a positive reaction. If you have been reacting negatively, you can change this reaction to a positive one.


2.) Review Your Job Search Strategy: Did you strategically or blindly apply to jobs throughout the year? If you chose the latter, for the New Year, you’ll benefit from a switch in your job search approach. Your time is too valuable for wasting.

In Erin Doherty’s Change Up Your Job Hunt Strategy (And Get the Job You Actually Want!) article on, she provides several ways in which you can change up your job hunt strategy.

You should check out her article.

3.) Enjoy the Holidays: Here on the blog, I advocate on behalf of time for you and time for job searching.

Even with a balance, you might need a full break from the job search altogether, so you don’t burn yourself out. Remember: your well-being is important.

So, if you haven’t already, consider this a “much needed break.”

Enjoy this time with your family if you choose. Enjoy it with your friends if you choose. Do something you enjoy.

You deserve it.

From Me to You: Don’t stress over your situation. Choose to relax and enjoy this holiday season! You won’t regret it.

Disclaimer 1: I am not an HR or Career Professional by training. When I write on job search topics, I write from the perspective of a job seeker with experience in job searching.

Disclaimer 2: This article contains an outgoing link to the work of Erin Doherty on

P. S. Merry Christmas! Do you plan to spend this holiday season resting or stressing? Share your plans with me below.



3 thoughts on “Job Searching? Rest Over Stress This Holiday Season

  1. Hi Yulunda!

    Thanks for stopping by – and with such a beautiful comment!

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your words of encouragement here and receive them in Jesus’ Name.

    I always taught I was patient until experiencing this challenge. Now, I truly know the meaning of patience as well as strong faith.

    When you hear my stories of triumph and overcoming, you will truly know GOD did it!

    I hope you had a blessed Christmas. Happy New Year to You!


  2. Merry Christmas Beautiful and Happy New Year!

    God is going to give your a 10 -fold blessing for your patience and faith. I declare and decree that your latter will be greater and you will go from wilderness to living your wildest dreams. In Jesus’Name Amen.

    I cannot wait to here your stories of triumph and overcoming.

    Move Forward In VICTORY! YES GOD!


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