Stop Limiting Yourself; Have You Ever Limited Yourself In Life; Self-Imposed Limitations; How to Stop Limiting Yourself

Pushing Pass The Limits Of Self

The end of December is here already! Can you believe it?

As the end of the year nears, I find myself thinking about my life’s experiences for insight and personal growth.

Upon reflection, I’ve really been thinking about how I’ve limited my life in the area of career.

Stop Limiting Yourself; Have You Ever Limited Yourself In Life; Self-Imposed Limitations; How to Stop Limiting Yourself
Pushing Pass The Limits Of Self
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The Mind and Self-Limitations

Would you like to know where these limitations started? In my mind.

Mind Betrayal – Self-Limiting Belief and Thoughts

So, as I self-reflect, I realize just how trapped I’ve been by a mindset needing correction. Sadly enough, I allowed my mind to betray me and hold me back from succeeding as a professional – for too long.

Here’s one way I know this (as I look back on everything now): I never wanted to fail at anything. With everything I’ve done, I strived for completion and success – and still do.

Though I didn’t realize this initially, I focused too much on not becoming a failure. Yet, you might already know what’s coming, however: I failed.

When it comes to career, I played it safe and still failed. I spent many years of my life in school – preparing for my chosen career.

From there, I completely focused on getting a job – and this is something I’ve failed to do physically. Even with all of my many efforts, I’ve still failed as a job seeker.

Along the way, I’ve had entrepreneurial ideas but shook them off. Resistance attacked me strongly, and instead of pursuing entrepreneurship, I continued with the mission of securing a job – with income – in my chosen field.

Would you like to know which self-limiting belief I told myself repeatedly?

I repeatedly told myself: “I will get a decent job in alignment with my skills, build up a steady income, and possibly pursue entrepreneurship later.”

In addition to this self-limiting belief, the voice of self-doubt crept in with these thoughts:

  • “What if I move forward with this and nothing works out in the way of my expectation?”
  • “I don’t know about this. Should I give this a try? Should I really jump into something new or should I stay put and continue on the traditional path of seeking employment opportunities?”

From my view at the time, entrepreneurship would’ve placed me right into “the unknown.” I am very organized by nature, so I like to have things well thought out before taking any action.

I didn’t question these beliefs and thoughts or consider the truth.

I, without a doubt, sold myself short.

Stop Limiting Yourself; Have You Ever Limited Yourself In Life; Self-Imposed Limitations
Pushing Pass The Limits Of Self
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Busting These Self-Limiting Beliefs

Upon realizing I’ve held myself back through these limiting beliefs, I took action to change this. And, it all started with mental correction.

For some time now, I’ve worked on changing the inner workings of my mind and learned the benefit of mindset reset when negativity and self-imposed limitations try to creep in and take over.

Even now, as I move forward with improvement, I feel resistance trying to come in and reel its head.

Yet, I am determined to move pass limiting myself in this life. And, the creation of this blog was a big step for me.

Prior to creating this blog, I took time to learn more about blogging and the blogosphere as a blogger. Then, right before I launched this blog in August 2014, I almost backed out.

Fear attacked. Self-doubt attacked. Discouragement attacked. Resistance attacked. And they attacked strongly.

However, I fought back and told myself I won’t back out this time. I’ve kept myself back long enough.

I was determined to give blogging a try to see what happens. I thought about you, my lovely reader, and my hope to encourage you in moving forward. From there, I created this blog.

Summarization For You

So, what am I saying?

If you’ve limited yourself through self-limiting beliefs, please take the necessary steps – even small steps daily – to bust these beliefs. For me, it started with a change of mind.

From Me to You: Will you make the choice to stop limiting yourself and bust the limiting beliefs you hold as truth? If so, empower yourself with the Word of Truth and push ahead by Grace!

P. S. What limiting beliefs and thoughts have held (or is holding you) back? How did you (or will you) push pass these self limitations? Please share below.


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