Unemployed Courage; Courage of the Long-Term Unemployed; Courage through Hard Times; Courage during Adversity; Courage and Long-Term Unemployment

Yes, This Wisdom Word Is Worthy Of Your Consideration

2015 is here. Happy New Year to you!

Side Tracking Moment: We’re 7 days in, and I hope your New Year has been off to a wonderful start.

Back on Track: Before we move any further this New Year, I have a question for you.

The Wisdom Word: Courage

Have you taken a moment to stop and think about how courageous you are?

If you haven’t, please think about this for a moment now.

Although you may not always feel it, you are courageous. Please believe it!

Challenged But Courageous

“No,” you say, “this wisdom word doesn’t apply to me.” Yes, it definitely does.

Consider this.

You’re challenged by both unemployment and the job search. Yet, you courageously face these challenges daily. You understand these challenges shouldn’t stop you in this life and are enduring.

Though it’s been a long wait to see your situation shift, you’re committed to seeing it through. You’re waiting proactively – and living in hope.

As you push through, you’re determined to accomplish your goal of securing your next position.

You seek employment and have been actively doing everything you can to land a job, which includes remaining knowledgeable about your chosen field.

Courageously Take Action

Unemployed Courage; Courage of the Long-Term Unemployed; Courage through Hard Times; Courage during Adversity; Courage and Long-Term Unemployment
Yes, This Wisdom Word Is Worthy Of Your Consideration
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Taylor Leopold. Edited by Me

Regularly, you get up and engage in some type of job search effort. You’re tired and frustrated. You really don’t feeling like doing any of this, but you positively move forward in your efforts.

You have a goal and always take specific action. Using the targeted job search approach, you regularly engage in the following activities:

  • Identifying companies of interest and researching these companies.
  • Identifying employment opportunities in alignment with your skills at these targeted companies.
  • Creating your cover letters, resumes, and applications specifically to meet the needs of these organizations.
  • Submitting your information for identified employment opportunities – and sometimes, even cold calling (e-mailing) – courageous. Right?

As you do what you can and wait for the door to your next position to open, you’re always looking for the best way to improve yourself as a job seeker, whether it is:

  • Updating your cover letter and resume,
  • Identifying the next professional to reach out to for advice (this alone takes a lot of courage),


You face road blocks in hiring processes. However, even with these road blocks, you forge ahead with the hope of securing a position. You haven’t given up.

You’re resilient in your efforts, and bounce right back from the rejections you receive. You refuse to be taken down by defeat.

You fully understand the results of your efforts in the job hunting process are out of your control.

You face the insensitivity and nay sayings of others because of your situation. Despite this, you still push through.

Courageously Persevere through Your Challenges

Some days you experience spirals of discouragement and self-doubt as you are human. However, you know you’re equipped to reject this negativity and tune into the encouragement lying within your soul.

So, you fight back and press on.

Though faced with the uncertainty of your life at this time and sometimes even shaken up a little, you’re empowered to persevere by grace.

You, my lovely reader, are one courageous person!

Do you believe this?

Go ahead and say this to yourself: “I am courageous,” because you are.

From there, hold your head up and continue to press through this transition courageously!

From Me to You: You’re courageous! Profess this courage and practice it daily. This is a worthy process indeed.

P. S. Do you believe you’re courageous during such a time in your life? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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