Monday is the best day to apply for jobs; is there a best time to apply for jobs; what is the best day of the week to apply for jobs?

Monday Considered The Best Day To Apply For Jobs

With the competitiveness of the job market, I am sure you always consider the ways in which you can stay ahead of your competition.

Isn’t this correct?


We want to hear back from potential employers and move forward in hiring processes.

So, as a job seeker, you’ve (at some point) probably considered timing when it comes to applying for jobs. Is there a right time for submitting cover letters/resumes/applications?

I’d never given much thought to the impact of timing on application submissions.


The Best Day to Apply for Jobs is Monday

I read Monday is considered the best day of the week to apply for jobs as concluded by a study. (Note: is a job matching site “matching job seekers and employers” through the use of a scoring system.)

monday is the best day to apply for jobs; Is there a best day to apply for jobs; best day to apply for jobs
Monday Considered The Best Day To Apply For Jobs
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Have you heard about this?

Side Tracking Moment: Timing might just vary according to industries. Paul Clarke over at eFinancialCareers considers Friday as the best day of the week to apply for jobs.

You can read more of his article titled Friday is the Best Day of the Week to Apply for a Job on

Back on Track: Based on this study, ABC News Blogs in its Monday Best Day to Look for a Job article by Alan Farnham stated

“the site’s data show that 30 percent of people who apply for a job on Mondays advance to the next stage of the hiring process. That’s better than the success rate for any other day.”

Why is Monday considered to best day to apply for jobs as opposed to other days of the week? What is so important about Mondays?

This study didn’t provide an answer but definitely prompted me to give it a try upon learning about this. “ I had to check it out myself.

I was curious to see if my cover letter and resume would get some kind of attention from a hiring department upon targeting it for submission on a Monday.

The Result of Applying for a Job on a Monday

Monday is the best day to apply for jobs; is there a best time to apply for jobs; what is the best day of the week to apply for jobs?
Monday Considered The Best Day To Apply For Jobs
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Now, when I see a listing and properly prepare quality material for submission, I submit this material – regardless of what day of the week it is.

However, upon learning about this study’s finding, I wanted to see what would happen after submitting my application materials – to take note of the result.

So, what did I do upon locating a job opening of interest? I applied for the job – submitting my application materials – cover letter and resume, in this case – on a Monday morning.

What happened? I absolutely received a call back for an interview a little over a week later. My material did not fall through the cracks.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Now, can I guarantee you I successfully moved forward – specifically in terms of securing a job interview – particularly because I applied for this job on a Monday? No, I can’t.

Can I absolutely guarantee you Monday is the best day for job application submissions? No, I can’t.

I realize other factors came into play also. Before applying, I did the following:

  • Considered the job tasks and my ability to responsibly carry them out daily.
  • Targeted my cover letter and resume to match the job referred to above.

Without a doubt, the strength of your application materials is important in these hiring processes and must be considered as well.

The Takeaway from All of This

Job seekers must quickly apply for jobs upon locating them.

After all, Alexandre Douzet’s You Have Only 72 Hours to Land Your Dream Job! article on found this: job seekers should submit their application materials within 3 days of job postings becoming available on the websites.

Specifically, based on the findings of TheLadders team investigation, he found

“…half of the applicants rated a fit for the job had applied to that same job within 72 hours of the job being published on their website.”

Certainly, quality application materials are more important than timing in the job search process as noted above. How you present yourself on paper has a role in whether you move forward in the hiring process.

At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to target a quality application for a Monday submission since this study provides some compelling evidence for this day of the week. You can test this – as I did – and see what happens!

Disclaimer 1: I am not an HR or Career Professional by training. When I write on job search topics, I write from the perspective of a job seeker with experience in job searching.

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P. S. Have you considered timing when looking for jobs?