Rest in God during hard times; trusting and resting in God; staying calm during difficulty

Here’s One Way To Be Calm During Hard Times – Don’t Be Anxious

Last month, I published a blog post titled Job Searching? Rest Over Stress This Holiday Season – encouraging job seekers to rest from the stress of job searching and enjoy the holiday season.

Upon writing this article, I realized the message really applies to everyone going through tough times.

Life’s Ups and Downs

Many of us are dealing with losses and disappointments in this life: job loss, unemployment, underemployment, health issues. With these challenges, we don’t know when a change will come.

And, like me, you might have wondered at some point: “Will things turn around and when?” In other words, we become antsy.

Sometimes, when we’re antsy, we try to fix things ourselves without realizing we’re overstepping our boundaries. We feel the need to do more and seek to do what we can’t do.

All we know is this: we prefer not to wait and want to move past the difficulty.

Can you relate to this?

As we get caught up in troubleshooting our problems (i.e., overstepping our boundaries), we neglect our well-being. When experiencing life’s difficulties, we find it hard to rest.

This is not good.

You must take time to disconnect from everything and rest. Don’t neglect to give your body the rest it needs.

Breathe. Rest! Enjoy Your Sleep.

Not Anxious But Calm

Rest in God during hard times; trusting and resting in God; staying calm during difficulty
Here’s One Way To Be Calm During Hard Times – Don’t Be Anxious
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Sunset Girl. Edited by Me.

I’ll go a little further here.

For the believer, there’s also spiritual rest.

When hard pressed and uneasy, we lose the “right perspective and become anxious.” Though we shouldn’t, we focus on our problems and circumstances.

Sometimes, we forget these challenges are temporary. From this wrong perspective, it just seems like there is “no end in sight.”

Many of us have been waiting for change longer than we could have ever imagined. Change can’t come fast enough.

Still, we must shift back to the “right perspective.”

We must believe we’ll get through the challenges as opposed to focusing on the challenges themselves. (Note: I am not suggesting you deny your reality but view it from a different perspective.)

Though experiencing rainy days – and feelings of anxiousness, we should rest in God (and God’s timing and strength). When you rest, you trust God to work things out for you.

When you rest, you calm down! You let go of the anxiousness and believe everything will be fine.

And, when you rest, you preserve by faith. You have the courage to keep moving forward on your journey – one day at a time.

Here’s something I learned: you can’t rest without letting of the anxiousness.

In Need of Rest?


You need rest.

Burned out?

You need rest.

Tired of trying to make things happen on your own?

You need rest.

So rest!

Don’t allow defeat to be your solution to these tough times. You must persevere and endure.

Ask for rest. Upon receiving rest, you’ll also receive the replenishing you need to push forward.

You might have heard “there is a time and season for everything.” Correct?

So, these uncomfortable hardships, frustrations, and difficulties won’t last forever. Things will work out for you – even if you don’t see the change in your situation right now.

Please believe this.

Upon believing, conquer your anxiousness. Say no to defeat. Rest and Trust.

No matter what we go through in life, we can get through them by trusting and resting in God – daily!

From Me to You: Though overwhelmed and frustrated, keep the faith. Trust completely and rest – spiritually and physically.

You can get through this difficult time. Hang in there!