introverts and large groups; wanting to avoid hard times and challenges; growing through hardships and difficulties in life

Escape – Or Stay There?

Recently, I attended a large event with a couple of family members, and this became a challenge for me.

The Choice

It became a challenge because I am an introvert. And, honestly, large events aren’t my thing.

Still, mentally, I prepared for the 2 ½ hour event. I was ready.

Then, I received the surprise of a facility tour for us post the main event. (This is where the challenge came in.) I dreaded the tour as I was already – somewhat – drained from the main event.

This called for two back to back activities with lots of people.

I had no chance – in advance – to mentally prepare myself for the extra activity and time there. I repeat: no chance.

Escape . . .

introverts and large groups; wanting to avoid hard times and challenges; growing through hardships and difficulties in life
Escape – Or Stay There?
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Nicolai Berntsen. Edited by Me.

Quickly, people started gathering for the tour after the main event was over, and I felt myself wanting to escape. The more I thought about the process of getting through the tour, the more I wanted to escape from the crowd of people.

Side Tracking Moment: Though an introvert, I have the ability to successfully function around people. When socializing with others is a must for some reason, however, I prefer shorter periods of interaction.

Back on Track: Then, several minutes into moving through the post main event tour, I saw something – an escape or way out of the crowd. From a distance, I saw a hallway and absolutely wanted to make my way to it.

“Maybe, I can dodge off here,” I thought. I pondered the idea of escaping as I felt exhausted.

In my mind, I saw myself walking down the hallway and getting away from this congestion for the rest of the night.

Or Stay There?

However, something didn’t allow me to dodge off. As such, I reminded myself – mentally – I started the tour with these people, and I would finish it with them.

After all, like them, I wanted to sight see the facility. While continuing, I focused on this goal.

Although I decided to push through the rest of the tour, I knew I needed to slip away for at least a few minutes. So, when we got to one huge room, specifically for mingling, I found an area to quietly decompress.

Please believe this was a great energizer for me!

And guess what?

I got through the tour. I walked it through from beginning to end.

I made it!

Now, you might be wondering, “what’s the point of sharing this?” So, I’ll fill you in.

Seeking to Escape Tough Times in Life. But Should We Really?

My recollection of my situation at this event reminds me of our responses to the hardships of the unemployed life.

Similar to my wanting to escape the exhaustion surrounding a large event as an introvert, we often want to escape the challenging and uncomfortable times of life.

These difficult times are hard. They trap us up.

So, we try to run as fast as we possibly can from these types of pressures in a different direction.

We want to escape the hardships, without seeing them through.

Consider this for a moment, however.

Should you really seek to escape from something, such as challenges and hardships, which aids in your growth and development?

How would you respond to this question?

Here is my response: no. Though wanting to escape these tough times, you must stay there. Refocus, learn your lessons, and grow.

Stand strong and walk through unemployment from the beginning to end – always believing for better.

Hang in there.

From Me to You: Unemployment is challenging, but you have the power to get through it. Keep walking one day at a time with expectant hope!

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9 thoughts on “Escape – Or Stay There?

  1. I am an introvert and I have this exact same problem. I hate going out or having people round without allowing myself time to mentally prepare for it. And if the duration of the event exceeds, I start getting agitated and begin slipping into a darker, moodier, unrested state of me who just wants to be home now, which I hate because i wish I wasn’t like that. I am a bit better at it these days because my partner is the spontaneous type so we sort of try to meet half way but it’s still always there.


    1. Hi!

      I understand. There is no doubt that we can function in social situations, but mental preparation is important before hand – when possible. We totally know when it is time to leave activities and recharge. And, I say there’s nothing wrong with that.

      Thank you for reading and I appreciate your comment!

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