Unemployed Suicide. Unemployment Kills.

The Unemployment and Suicide Link

Last month, Lancet Psychiatry published a study linking unemployment to suicide. Based on the findings of this study as provided in a Business Insider article, “of the approximately 233,000 suicides examined for each year, around 45,000, or 20%, were linked to unemployment . . .”


Unemployed and Suicidal. Unemployed and Considering Suicide. Unemployed and want to kill myself. Unemployed and have nothing to live for.
The Unemployment and Suicide Link
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Side Tracking Moment: I must admit this was a heartbreaking read for me. I certainly understand the emotional and psychological effects of unemployment.

Still, it hurts to know so many people in similar situations feel suicide is the best solution to their problem.

The Link: Unemployment and Suicide

Back on Track: Still, this link between the two is unfortunately nothing new. In 2008, for instance, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center concluded

“a strong relationship exists between unemployment, the economy, and suicide.”

This is something serious. Real and Serious.

If you’re unemployed and having suicidal thoughts, please stop and think on the information provided here.

As an unemployed, you’re at your lowest point in life. And, during these tough times, all kinds of emotions come daily, sometimes clouding your ability to realize and accept the preciousness of your life.

But, please embrace your life because it’s worth living and seek to survive unemployment.

Please understand unemployment is a temporary problem, and suicide isn’t the answer to your challenge.

Don’t become disheartened to the point of suicide. Ask for the strength you need to keep pushing forward.

Your circumstances can change at any time. Each day brings with it the possibility of change.

You won’t see this change if you’re not here.

Don’t Let Unemployment Crush You

When the voice of suicide comes in your ears whispering there’s no reason to keep living, recognize this falsity and fight back. Don’t fall victim to this negative voice.

At such a low point, some days can be overwhelming. On these days, unemployment seems like a never-ending challenge. (Remember, I am speaking from experience here.)

Unemployed and Suicidal. Unemployed and Considering Suicide. Unemployed and want to kill myself. Unemployed and have nothing to live for. Unemployed and Depressed.
The Unemployment and Suicide Link
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But please believe it will end.

Below, I am providing 8 tips for keeping your spirit up based on how I’ve managed to get through this tough season in my life so far.

First 2 tips:

  1. Choose Trust Over Hopelessness – Trust and believe things will work out for your good – when they are supposed to – regardless of what it looks like right now.
  1. Be Patient – the wait may be a long and discouraging one for you, but patience is a must. The process of waiting is hard and painful, but you must not allow anxiousness to take over.

Other Important Tips:

  1. Break through the Identity Crisis – Work – whether paid or unpaid – is a good thing but please know your work doesn’t define you. Remember, you’re more than any employment title, and your life is valuable regardless of these things.
  1. Maintain the Right Mindset – Make those much-needed mental improvements by seeking help to change the way you think. The ability to move forward hinges on a strong mind throughout your hardship. Gain the right perspective and refocus mentally.
  1. Develop An Attitude of Gratitude – Gratitude is important so always be grateful for what you have. When you maintain an attitude of gratitude, your perceptions change. You become more aware of the good surrounding you daily.
  1. Keep A Positive Outlook – You control your attitude. Keeping a positive outlook has proven beneficial for me, so I suggest it to you. Don’t – for a minute – believe you’re defeated.
  1. Remember the Importance of Balance – While you’re job hunting, be sure to balance your time between your job search and other activities. Regrouping is important in your life so breathe and rest.
  1. Keep Moving Forward – You’re experiencing a tough situation but please believe you’ll get through this. Never lose hope. Keep Learning. Keep Growing. Keep Moving Forward.

Suicidal Crisis Help

If you’re dealing with chronic suicidal thoughts during your time of unemployment, aside of crying out for help, strength, guidance, and grace from above, don’t hesitate to get help from a good, professional therapist, psychologist, or counselor if necessary and financially feasible – sooner rather than later.

People are also available through the U. S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

From Me to You: Long-term unemployment is a difficult situation. Still, don’t stop praying for and seeking help to persevere.

P. S. How have you managed to get through this tough season so far? Please share your thoughts.


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