feeling bad about being unemployed; 30s and unemployed; benefits of the struggle; gifts of starting over in life

3 Benefits I Received During Difficulty

Have you ever experienced a change or a difficult season in your life to which you felt helpless and scared at its onset?

My answer to this question is a resounding YES.

My Life Change

feeling bad about being unemployed; 30s and unemployed; benefits of the struggle; gifts of starting over in life
3 Benefits I Received During Difficulty
Creative Commons’ Flickr Photo Courtesy of Chiara Cremaschi.

This change for me involved my joining the ranks of the unemployed – then quickly, the long-term unemployed – a little over two years ago.

I didn’t see it coming. Quickly, I became challenged by both unemployment and the job search.

Initially, I felt really bad. I felt like a failure because I’m in my 30s – an adult – and unable to successfully secure an employment opportunity – despite having what I consider assets: education, skills, and experience.

Despite all of my efforts, I haven’t landed a job offer and feel helpless in this type of situation. I’ve been constantly overlooked and rejected by employers and can’t do one thing about it.

Bad situation. Right?

You can admit it!

Although I felt a sense of helplessness in the beginning, I’ve continued to do the things I could throughout my job search: identify suitable opportunities; “target” my resumes and cover letters to these opportunities for application; follow-up on resumes and cover letters; and interview when given the opportunity.

With the passage of time, I learned this is all I can do. The rest is out of my control.

I’d spent too much time and energy focusing on my job situation and when I would secure a job offer. I made changes to this by redirecting what I focused on – my circumstances; I’d given this too much power in my life.

I’ve since refocused but will admit this whole process hasn’t been an easy one.

This type of situation will completely crush you, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, if you allow it to. As such, though not completely crushed, I’ve experienced and worked through many different emotions throughout this period – sadness, loss, and frustration, to name a few.

3 Benefits Received Through This Change

However, I’ll also admit this process brought with it some positive benefits as well in spite of this being the lowest point of my life to date.

Through this great challenge, I learned so much about my life and received a rejuvenating renewal. The inner peace I now maintain through it all (Serenity Amidst Frustration) is amazing.

Three of the many positive benefits (which include the inner peace referenced above) I’ve been loaded with throughout this season of my life follows below.

feeling bad about being unemployed; 30s and unemployed; benefits of the struggle; gifts of starting over in life
3 Benefits I Received During Difficulty
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Joseph Barrientos. Edited by Me.


Growth and Development – You might be familiar with this phrase: “growth doesn’t happen without change.” I agree.

Though it’s been a long wait to see the side beyond unemployment fully, I’ve seen much growth through persevering.

I had the chance to stop, self-reflect/reevaluate, and improve throughout this transitional phase. And, I must say through this process, I learned and grew in a way I don’t think would have been possible without the struggle.

I gained clarity in all areas of my life and am freer than I’ve ever been.

Sharpened Perspective – My perspective on life shifted for the better.

I learned the importance of embracing my life’s journey, which includes this tough time. I also learned the importance of accepting my situation regardless of the words, thoughts, and opinions of other humans.

Side Tracking Moment: Here’s something to consider during this time in your life: the hurtful words of others are nothing but distractions. If you give into the insensitive comments of others, you’ll experience additional frustration and doubts you don’t need.

Additionally, I learned the importance of gratitude and positivity in this life daily. Regardless of what we go through, we must maintain “an attitude of gratitude” for everything we have and a positive outlook on life.

Resilience and Strength – Despite obstacles, challenges, and hardships, you’re equipped with the ability to bounce back from these things.

Controlling your emotions, especially during tough times, is not an easy task, but I now have more control over them overall. In other words, I know how to boss my emotions instead of them bossing me.

I learned doubts, self-limiting beliefs, and discouragement are absolutely able to be defeated, and I became better at defeating them with truth through the protecting and reprogramming of my mind daily.

When it came to giving up or keep moving, I decided not to give up. Instead, I prayed for strength to keep going – and still do.

And guess what? I learned about strength I never knew possible – it’s not my own strength either.

So, I say to you: Pray for strength. Pray for and practice courage. Always move forward believing (and not doubting) your situation will improve.

You can receive these benefits too! Oh, and please believe this: when it seems like all of the odds against you, you can still make it.

From Me to You: In this life, everyone experiences difficult and (what looks like) scary situations. However, if you choose to go through these changes positively, tough times bring about positive benefits in addition to the challenges. Keep pressing and never lose hope!

P. S. Share some of the positive benefits you received while going through tough times in the comment section below!


4 thoughts on “3 Benefits I Received During Difficulty

  1. Hi Emily!

    Thank you for commenting and relaying your experience.

    I am glad that you were able to relate to this post and that you learned these things as well. Great benefits.

    I appreciate you reading. All the best to you!


  2. Great post. I have been under-employeed for about three years now and going through the same thing even though I have education, experience and drive. I too have learned many of the things you have mentioned. Thanks for the encouragement!


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