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5 Ways to Live Life in This Moment

When experiencing a time of change, it’s hard to live your present moment as you should. Regularly, you find yourself caught between one of two time periods:

• Living in the past (if I’d only done __ (fill in the blank), I wouldn’t be __.(fill in the blank))


• Living in the future (One day I’ll __.(fill in the blank))

While caught between the two in your thought life, you experience the following emotions: regret, resentment, frustration, and fear. This is not the most productive way to spend your moment.

Why? You can’t change the past, and you can’t control the future.

Live Life Now

You must ground yourself in the present. You must live your life fully – where you are right now.

A great lesson I learned through my life transition of unemployment has been the concept of living my life in the present.

I’ll tell you a little secret: I once lived in the future. I thought ahead and overlooked past moments.

How neglectful.

Not anymore, however. I’ve learned my present moment is a gift and must be embraced.

After all, it’s all I have.

And…it’s all you have too.

5 Ways to Live Your Present Moment

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5 Ways to Live Life in This Moment
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Redd Angelo. Edited by Me.

Embracing the present moment isn’t the easiest thing to do when going through tough times in life, but I am providing 5 ways you can live your present moment (based on what works for me):

1.) Stop and Breathe. Pray – How often do you stop and breathe throughout your day?

We’ve been programmed to go, go, go. Keep busy. Don’t waste any time figuring things out.

However, one of the best choices you can make daily is the choice to stop and breathe.

Shut off the phone and TV. Shut down the computer. Silence your mind.

Take several deep breaths and be still – without distractions. Pray and savor your gift of the present.

Warning: This takes practice. Start with 15 minutes and increase time as it becomes a piece of cake for you.

2.) Be Thankful – Though going through a tough season, there are blessings to be grateful for daily so foster a thankful heart.

Your life is a gift. Be thankful. Your basic necessities are gifts. Be thankful. Good people in your life are gifts. Be thankful.

Remember to be thankful for the good gifts in your life. Don’t get so caught up into the “Greener Grass” mentality you miss the blessings of this season in your life.

3.) Protect Your Mind – You’re aware of the toxins associated with negativity in your thought process. Right?

These negative thoughts do nothing other than zap your precious time, bring about negative emotions, and rid you of your gift of a sound mind.

Please don’t dwell on negativity. You must change your thought process through the Word of Truth. From there, you can move forward with the right perspective on your life and circumstances.

4.) Rid Yourself of Worry – We all deal with the worry temptation. Here’s the issue though: worry sends you into the future – stealing your precious moment.

Why worry instead of focusing on this moment and its opportunities? When you find yourself worrying, snap back into your present moment without thoughts of what had or what will happen.

Focus on what you can do now and do it. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

5.) Do Something You Enjoy – While challenged, doing something you enjoy is good for you. Consider something you enjoy doing and do it – whether it’s:

• Reading

• Writing/Blogging

• Painting

• Cooking

• Exercising

• Crafting

Just do something!

You’ll benefit from this mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’ll learn new skills and knowledge. You’ll emerge refreshed too!

When coping with tough times, you can still embrace your present moment. Embracing your moment isn’t the easiest thing to do at such a time, but every day is an opportunity for improvement.

I’ve made each of the tips above a part of my daily life, and my life is much better than it was prior to my period of unemployment.

My suggestion to you is: Evaluate the ways above and consider incorporating them into your lifestyle. What’s the benefit for you? A lot of Serenity. Very little Frustration.

From Me to You: When dealing with tough times in life, you struggle to live in the moment because it’s easier to live in the past or future. Because of this struggle, you overlook the present.

You must be intentional about living your present moment as the next isn’t promised. The above 5 tips are great ways to do this – with improvements each day.

P. S. Are you managing a tough time in your life? How do you embrace your present moment?