personality and the job search; different types of job seekers

What Type Are You? 4 Types of Job Seekers

You know you were created differently from others. You know your personality shapes who you are.

Own it! Embrace you!

Your Personality and the Job Search

Now, I have 2 questions for you.

Have you considered the role your personality plays in your job search?

Have you considered how your personality factors into the way you engage in job search activities?

If you haven’t (or even if you have), you should check out the post I’ll share with you here.

Though every job seeker’s goal is to secure paid work, no two job seekers are alike. And, the way you handle your job search is different from the next person.

Maybe you’ve noticed yourself performing some tasks better than others in your job hunt. Maybe you’ve noticed you’re comfortable with some things and uncomfortable with others.

Word is: this is the result of your personality showing up. Because of the differences in personality, different types of job seekers abound.

Upon reading the post I’ll share, you’ll find out which type of job seeker you’re most compatible with. You can use this information to your advantage as you move forward with your job search.

“What Type of Job Seeker Are You?”

personality and the job search; different types of job seekers
What Type Are You? 4 Types of Job Seekers
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Julia Caesar. Edited by Me.

According to Molly Owens, Truity Psychometrics CEO,

“…we don’t all handle the job search the same way, and some of our biggest challenges have to do with who we are at our core — our personalities.”

In her post on Job Hero titled, What Type of Job Seeker Are You?, she identifies 4 types of job seekers on the search for paid work. These types are based on Briggs Myers’ 16 personality types.

Check them out below and head over to the linked website for more after reading this post.

1.      “Empaths – compassionate, idealistic, and authentic”

2.    “Theorists – analytical, innovative, and competitive”

3.    “Preservers – steady, traditional, and responsible”

4.    “Responders – flexible, practical, and easygoing”

In addition to providing a description of each type, she provides strengths, weaknesses, and ways to “make the most of your job search.”

Let’s consider the “Preserver” for example.

Strengths: staying organized, following up, having a plan of action

Weaknesses: recognizing unconventional opportunities, accepting change, coping with unpredictability

To make the most of the job search: Think beyond the details…”

I’d never considered people tackling the job search in different ways. But, I’m glad I checked out this post.

Are you interested in understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a job seeker? Are you interested in understanding your management of the job search?

If so, I suggest you check out the rest of Ms. Owens’ original post on – linked above.

What type do you most closely relate to?

Do you relate to an empath?

Maybe a theorist?

A mix of two or more?

All of them?

P. S. Please let me know in the comment section.

From Me to You: An understanding of the type of job seeker you are is helpful as you continue your search for paid work. However, please know these types aren’t exhaustive and shouldn’t be taken too literally. If willing, we have the ability to move from one type to another when required in the job search.

Disclaimer 1: I am not an HR or Career Professional by training. When I write on job search topics, I write from the perspective of a job seeker with experience in job searching.

Disclaimer 2: This article contains an outgoing link to the work of Molly Owens appearing on


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