Regina Hartley Encourages Hiring Departments to “Give the ‘Scrapper’ a Chance”

“. . . Who are you going to bet on: Silver Spoon or Scrapper? I say choose the underestimated contender whose secret weapons are passion and purpose. Hire the Scrapper.”

Those are the words of Regina Hartley, Human Resources Director for UPS Information Services, in her recent Ted Talk entitled, Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resume.

Mrs. Hartley and her colleagues created these job candidate categories.

“My colleagues and I created ‘very official terms’ to describe two distinct categories of candidates. We call Candidate A the ‘Silver Spoon.’ The one who clearly had advantages and was destined for success. And we Call B the ‘Scrapper.’ The one who had to fight against tremendous odds to get to the same point.”

She knows these terms aren’t politically correct, so she explains her reasoning for them. From there, she urges hiring managers to interview “the scrapper” because of her own experience as one.

She believes scrappers should be taken seriously in hiring.

Why? Because they don’t give up.

 “When things don’t turn out well, scrappers ask: what can I do differently to create a better result.”

This can prove beneficial to companies who are really in search of effective employees.

Will You Watch Hartley’s Presentation?

I consider this video worthy of your view.

It can serve as an inspiration to not to lose sight of your knowledge, skills, and abilities despite obstacles and setbacks. Can serve as an inspiration to continue your fight to overcome the difficulties of unemployment despite those feelings of discouragement and defeat.

With so many scrappers among those who are long-term unemployed and ruled out in the hiring process, despite their relevant qualifications, the speech also provides a refreshing perspective—( or a sensible approach)—for those in hiring positions.

Regardless of resume presentation (i.e., inclusion of no workforce activity for a lengthy period), many have been fighting those temptations to give up and continue to press onward with their search, hoping to use their skills and talents to benefit an employer. And, they deserve a chance at jobs.

Still, hiring managers and other management personnel often look for “flawless resumes.” Resumes with consistent work histories. And what happens is: they pass over qualified job seekers worthy of a closer look.

Will hiring authorities consider the words of Mrs. Hartley when reviewing resumes and making hiring decisions? We’ll see.

But, for now, check out the video below and continue scrapping.

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