Is Being Unemployed Ruining You?

When you have a desire to work but can’t find a job, unemployment can especially be hard.

But, it’s important to control your response to this challenging situation. Being unemployed, for an extended period, can result in bitterness or brokenness, if you’re not careful.

I recently read a blog post, published on LinkedIn, entitled, Why Being Unemployed Ruins You and How to Stop It. The writer references the results of a personality study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, which found: long bouts of unemployment can change personalities. These changes can, in turn, make the job hunt harder, according to many, so the piece includes a few tips for “the retaining of core traits” while transitioning.

The title, though, stayed on mind.

“Why Being Unemployed Ruins You . . .”

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new year reflections while unemployed

2018 New Year Reflections and Considerations, In Case You Missed Them

Happy New Year!

I gathered tidbits—from articles I’ve written—I thought would be helpful when looking back on 2017 and looking forward to the New Year. And, during the past week, I shared them on the now-defunct Serenity Amidst Frustration Facebook page.

We’re now in the second week of 2018, but I’m posting them here, in case you missed them. Following are the tips I shared.

new year reflections while unemployed
2018 New Year Reflections and Considerations, In Case You Missed Them.
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Robert Tudor. Edited by Priscilla.

Monday’s Tidbit and Explanation.

It’s easy to focus on your struggle to find a job—and forget what you’ve done in the past. But I encourage you to:

“Take time regularly and do the following: remind yourself about your accomplishments. Think about the compliments you received in previous roles and jobs. Think about the people you’ve helped along the way.”

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focus on job search effort

How Detaching From Outcomes Helped Me Maintain Serenity While Looking for a Job

Priscilla’s Disclaimer: This job search article contains primarily faith-based content and will prove most relevant to the Christian who is unemployed and looking for paying work.

While engaged in reflection today, I thought about my lengthy, traditional job search experiences. Upon reflecting, I noticed something I hadn’t when I started: I relied on my efforts for the achievement of my goal—finding and getting a job offer—too much, and without grace.

You see:

I wanted to re-enter the workforce quickly after my solo experience in elder care. In no way did I want my job search to fail. In no way did I want to experience the trap of long-term unemployment. In no way did I want the guilt of not working hard enough.

And I focused on learning and putting into action every job hunt tip and method I could, with the hope of getting hired quickly.

This did more harm than good.

Want to know why? I was flooded with information and strategies—some of which wasn’t best for me at the time.

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Why Comparing Careers Is A Destructive Activity (And 3 Things to Do Instead)

Do you compare your career to others (virtual or actual) and feel discouraged?

You believed you’d “succeed” in your chosen profession.

You earned a degree or two to prepare for this success. You acquired some workforce experience along the way.

But now, as you send (or have been sending) out those resumes, covers and interview, you can’t (or haven’t been able to) get 1 job offer.

You look around and others are getting jobs easily. Some are advancing in their careers through promotions.

And, you wonder:

How are they getting these jobs, and I can’t land one? How are they advancing in their careers, and I’m failing?

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7 Things You Should Know About Unemployment

I’ve been walking through the unemployment wilderness for some time now. As someone with the long-term unemployment experience, I’m familiar with an unexpected change in life. However, I’ve learned how to get through this—one of the hardest transitions of my life.

Glancing back, I’ve learned a few things. And below, I’ll provide 7 of them.

I hope they prove beneficial to you as you push through this time of difficulty.

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8 Qualities Worthy of Pursuit in Unemployment

In a Reverb Press op-ed piece I came across last week, Lorelei describes being unemployed in the following way:

“Being Unemployed Is Like a Slow-Motion Heart Attack.” – Lorelei, Reverb Press

The writer presents an accurate reality of unemployment. So accurate, I can’t deny it.

qualities worthy of pursuit in unemployment blog
8 Qualities Worthy of Pursuit in Unemployment.
Original Photo Courtesy of Creative Vix. Edited by Priscilla.

Still, I decided to make the most of my unemployment time. I decided to continue my personal and professional growth and development.

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