The Budgetnista Talks Unemployment And “The Shift After 2 Years of Struggle”

Yesterday, the Huffington Post shared one woman’s unemployment success story in an article entitled, How One Woman Went From Being Unemployed, to Becoming an Employer.

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche went through uncertainty before becoming the financial educator she is. In this article, she shared her struggle with sudden job loss—and the eventual experience of something new through entrepreneurship.

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Unemployed Tip: Don’t Regress Backward, Move Forward

Some time has passed since you initially found yourself unemployed.

You feel your unemployment challenge is a never-ending one and wonder how much longer it’ll take to move past it.

Increasing financial responsibilities.

Lots of disappointments.

Constant rejections.

Multiple let downs.

Every time you think about your long-term unemployment situation, you feel doomed and feel there’s no way out. Self-doubt creeps in often, and you find it hard to move forward.

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Unemployed Courage; Courage of the Long-Term Unemployed; Courage through Hard Times; Courage during Adversity; Courage and Long-Term Unemployment

Yes, This Wisdom Word Is Worthy Of Your Consideration

2015 is here. Happy New Year to you!

Side Tracking Moment: We’re 7 days in, and I hope your New Year has been off to a wonderful start.

Back on Track: Before we move any further this New Year, I have a question for you.

The Wisdom Word: Courage

Have you taken a moment to stop and think about how courageous you are?

If you haven’t, please think about this for a moment now.

Although you may not always feel it, you are courageous. Please believe it!

Challenged But Courageous

“No,” you say, “this wisdom word doesn’t apply to me.” Yes, it definitely does.

Consider this.

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Beyond Unemployment: An Inspirational Story For You

According to the Department of Labor’s September jobs report, the national unemployment rate has gone down to less than 6% – its lowest number in a while (in over 6 years to be exact.) To some, this is good news from an economic standpoint.

Seeking an Employment Opportunity

Unemployment; Inspiration; Looking for Work; Success Story
Beyond Unemployment: An Inspirational Story for You
Creative Commons Flickr Photo Courtesy of Shutterbugamar.

However, despite this reported drop, I wonder about the true change in the job growth and recovery situation. There are still many unemployed people seeking employment opportunities – some kind of employment – in this dreadful economy’s labor market – to no avail at this point.

The job market structure has changed, and finding a job is no easy task.

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