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Everything You Must Know About Unemployment Stress – And 5 Stress Management Tips to Consider

As someone who’s on the search for your next position, you’re likely experiencing stress. After all, you’re going through it: your life has changed. You no longer have a stable source of income, you’re struggling to find a job, you’re living your ‘new normal.’

You’ve reached the point of exhaustion with your unemployed life. Still, stress aside, you’re focused on getting a job fast. You feel you can’t stop and calm down because you need money now.

But, please, reconsider this feeling. I’ve been there. And believe me: stopping to calm down and manage your stress isn’t a bad thing to do, when done in a healthy manner.

Losing a job (or role) and finding a job is stressful. When it comes to looking for employment, 83% of global working adults feel the job search is stressful, according to the results of a HIRED study. Imagine the percentage rate among those unemployed.

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Boost Your Resilience in Unemployment with These 5 Strategies

“Less than half (48 percent) of participants functioned as usual after losing a job, with most people taking several years to return to normal life.”

These results come from a research study conducted by Psychologists Frank Infurna and Suniya Luthar of Arizona State University, as reported by Medical Daily.

This study’s findings differ significantly from prior research on this same subject. It shows some people are less resilient than others.

When you lose a job or role, wide-ranging emotional reactions take off. It isn’t hard to break under your pressures and, ultimately, give up.

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11 Healthy Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Unemployment

We already know: research links unemployment and poor health.

For the person experiencing long-term unemployment, the risk of poorer health increases. When you’ve been job searching for a lengthy period with no job offer, you face several impacts:

Dwindling Money.

Increasing Financial Obligations.

Failing and Disappearing Relationships/Friendships.

Looming Uncertainty.

staying healthy while unemployed
11 Healthy Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Unemployment. Graph Provided Courtesy of Pew Research Center.

Without question, these things affect you. It’s important, however, to care for your health and well-being despite your circumstances.

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Worn Out? Get Rid of the Taking a Break Guilt

You feel like taking a break today. Is this correct?

Don’t hesitate to acknowledge it!

But you feel you can’t stop. You’ve heard you must always take action.

Push Harder.

Strive Harder.

Hustle Harder.

Work Harder.

You haven’t yet learned the importance of stopping. Taking a break from the tasks at hand. Considering your overall well-being.

But I have—the hard way.

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Laughter in Tough Times

Feel Better Today by Laughing

You’re experiencing a tough time in your life right now.

From one view, things are worsening. Everything around you is falling apart, and you find it hard to cheer up and laugh.

I can relate.

Laughter in Tough Times, Smiling through Pain, Smile Even Though You Don’t Want To, Smile Today, Unemployed and Need to Laugh, Benefits of Smiling, Laughing Makes You Feel Better, Smiling Makes You Feel Better
Feel Better Today by Laughing
Creative Commons’ Flickr Photo Courtesy of Francisco Osorio.

Upon experiencing unemployment, I questioned whether I should escape from it all for a little while to enjoy some humor. As I moved from unemployment to long-term unemployment and physical uncertainty loomed, I questioned this all the more.

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ways to be productive while unemployed

6 Ways to Increase Productivity (While Experiencing Unemployment)

If I asked you to rate your satisfaction with your productivity while experiencing unemployment, how would you respond? Satisfied or Dissatisfied?

unemployed and productive; maintaining productivity while unemployed; increasing productivity while unemployed
6 Ways to Increase Productivity (While Experiencing Unemployment)
Unsplash Original Photo Courtesy of Petradr. Edited by Me.

If you’ll respond with dissatisfied, you shouldn’t feel bad.

Why? Because you can change this by adding structure to your unstructured day.

First, make the choice to remain effective by learning and growing throughout this transitional phase.

Then, you can use this time while unemployed to be productive in various ways. I’ll provide a few for your consideration. See if they’ll work for you. If so, try them out!

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